Plan Documents

Features of Plan Documents:

  • Most HRAs and Cafeteria Plans are employee welfare benefit plans, and, as such, are subject to ERISA unless an exemption applies, such as the exemption for governmental or church plans.
  • The plan administrator of an HRA or Cafeteria Plan must furnish plan documents and a Summary Plan Description to participants to explain the plan.

Advantages of a Choice Strategies Plan Document:

  • Choice Strategies creates plan documents for all relevant plans we administer as part of our basic services.
  • Our Compliance Team ensures all required amendments are made and posted to your secure online administrative guide as regulations change.
  • Documents include:
    • Basic Plan Document
    • Summary Plan Description
    • Adoption Agreement
    • HIPAA Privacy Statement
    • POP language can be included, upon request, with FSA/DCA cafeteria plan documents

If you need plan documents for an HRA or FSA/DCA plan that Choice Strategies does not administer, we offer a Plan Document Only Service.

If you require Premium Only Plan (POP) cafeteria plan documents and you do not offer an FSA/DCA plan, WageWorks' EZPOP service will provide a comprehensive POP kit and ongoing support to ensure your employees' pre-tax payroll deductions remain compliant.

For Plan Document Only or EZPOP fees and applications visit our Applications page here.