Open Enrollment FAQs

Answers to Frequently Asked Employer Questions About Online and Open Enrollment

1. What if an employee misses the Open Enrollment Period?

2. What kinds of enrollment communications will my employees receive?

3. What resources are available to assist me with Online Enrollment?

4. Will existing employees receive new Choice Strategies’ MasterCards each year?

5. What is the deadline for enrollments?

6. What if an Employee enrolls in an FSA online during open enrollment and then changes their mind?

7. I don’t want my employees to be able to enroll in FSA, DCA, Transit or Parking Plans online. How do I opt out?

8. Can I auto-renew my group’s FSA and DCA plans?

9. When can I have a final report for payroll elections?

10. Should I consider offering my employees an FSA?

11. Can Online Enrollment be used for new-group enrollments?

12. Can I customize my online enrollment period? 

13. We offer several pay periods, but my employees don’t have the option on the back end. 

14. Do you have educational brochures or flyers for employees?

15. What is my Employer ID?

16. What is the maximum amount employees can elect in plans that allow post-tax contributions?

17. What are the contribution limits or maximums for 201y plans? 

18. A group allows a different FSA maximum contribution for singles and families; how will this be handled?

19.  Will employees be able to enroll online in an HSA-compatible limited FSA?

20. Will employees be able to enroll online in a limited FSA that satisfies the employee responsibility in an employee-pay-first HRA plan?

21. Our plan has an employer match; will that be reflected with online enrollment?