Member FAQs

The most commonly asked questions are answered in the list below.  Click the Contact Us button if you can’t find what you need.  A Member Service Representative will be happy to help you.

Member FAQs

1. How can I check my balance?

2. How do I login?

3. What is my Employee ID?

4.What does "pending", "ineligible", "new" and "approved" mean?

5.Why did I receive an email or letter asking for information?

6. Why was my card denied?

7. Can Choice Strategies view my insurance information?

8.How do I use my Choice Strategies card?

9. How do I submit or check the status of my claim?

10.How do I get faster reimbursement for my claim?

11.What is a Request for Documentation?

12.Under what circumstances would I have to refund my account?

13.What is an overpayment?

14.What is an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

15.What is the different between "Authorization" and "Authorized"?

16.How do I claim mileage for medical care?

17.How do I submit an appeal?

18. How do I receive email communications?

19. How do I sign up to receive reimbursement through direct deposit?

20. I forgot my username. What do I do?

21. How do I reset my password?

22. My card is lost or stolen. How do I order a new card?

Substantiation FAQs

1.Why must my card charges and claims be substantiated?

2.What type of documentation should I send?

3.What is the Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS)?

4.What is the best way to submit documentation to Choice Strategies?


1.What is an HRA?

2.Is an HRA funded by my employer?

3.How does an HRA work?

4.How do I use the Choice Strategies Card?

5.What is my annual election and how is my balance determined?

6.My family has multiple cards, do they all have their own balance?

7. How do I determine what is covered on my HRA?

8. Can I use my HRA for vision or dental expenses?

9.What’s the correct way to use my HRA?

10.What happens after all the money in my HRA has been spent?

11. What is a Run Out? Do I have one? 

Transit & Parking Account FAQs

1.What is the maximum I can contribute?

2.Who is covered under this benefit?

3.What are the eligible expenses under the parking account?

4.What are the eligible expenses under the transit account?

5.Are vanpooling and carpooling eligible transit expenses?

6.What documentation do I need?

7.What is the last date receipts can be submitted?

8.When can I enroll in the transit or parking accounts?

9.When can I change my election amount for parking/transit?

10.What happens at the end of the year?

11.Are the transit/parking accounts on the same card as my FSA?

12.How can I check my account balance?

13.Where can I get more information?


1.What Over the Counter (OTC) items can I use these funds for?

2.Is there a list of eligible expenses for my Flexible Spending Account?

3.How can I check my balance? When are funds available?

4.Why do I have to send you proof? Don't you see my charges?

5.How does the card “know” which account to take funds from?

6.How much should I elect for the year?

7.Can I change the balance in my FSA mid-year?

8.What documents do I need to provide?

9.Do I lose the money if I don't use it? Does this money roll over?

10.Can I be reimbursed for medical expenses outside of the U.S.?

11. Can I be reimbursed for mileage to and from medical appointments?

12. What is the max I can contribute to my FSA?


1.When are funds available? When are my deposits made each month?

2.What is my balance?

3.Can I prepay for services?

4.How do I submit a Dependent Care claim?

5.How do I submit for automatic reimbursement for my DCA expenses?

6.What documentation do you need to support the charges?

7.Can I wait and submit a claim at the end of the plan year?

8.Who is a qualifying dependent?

9.How can I change my election or cancel this account?

10.What are the eligible expenses? (ex: daycare, day camp, etc)

11. What is the max I can contribute to my DCA?