HRA Renewal

Choice Strategies is dedicated to working with you to ensure the successful implementation of new plans and the renewal of existing plans. There is very little clients need to do to renew their HRA.

Automatic Renewal

Plans and elections automatically carry forward as new elections into the next plan year. For example, if an employee has a single HRA of $500 in 2014, they will automatically be enrolled in a $500 HRA in 2015. Easily notify us of any individual enrollment changes by using the  Enrollment and Eligibility E-Forms .

Making Plan Changes? 

The Plan Change Form  can be used to submit most changes. If you have any questions about how to best integrate the HRA with the new medical plan, please contact your Client Services Team.

Remember, changes to the health plan often affect the Choice Strategies HRA plan directly. For example, if a group is renewing early with their health plan, we may need to change the HRA plan year to match.

Please submit plan changes 30 days in advance. Plan changes submitted with less than 30 days’ notice will be processed; however, we cannot guarantee completion by the start of the plan year.