For Employers

Choice Strategies Provides the Right Strategy to Reduce Costs

It begins when your company reduces its health insurance premiums by moving to a higher deductible plan. A portion of these premium savings is then used to fund a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) for each employee. While the health plan is in place to provide coverage for major illness, the HRA works to help employees pay for their out-of-pocket expenses.

The combined cost of the higher deductible insurance plan and the HRA is less than the cost of the current plan – every time.

The HRA, combined with one of our other programs like an FSA or Transit and Parking, creates a plan that not only saves money but also one that your employees will truly embrace.

Once implemented, the Choice Strategies Plan practically runs on its own. Our dedicated Member Service Representatives work late, fielding after-work questions and solving problems when your employees need us.  Additionally, employers have the freedom to track their own Choice Strategies accounts through running reports and information automatically uploaded to their employer online account.

First among health care debit-card programs, Choice Strategies brings new meaning to the phrase “peace of mind” for the health of your employees and that of your company.