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Billing FAQs

1. What is "billing in arrears"?

2. Why does Choice Strategies bill in arrears?

3. What if I want to pre-pay my invoice?

4. What is the Massachusetts Health Safety Net Surcharge?

5. Who pays the surcharge?

Employer FAQs

1.How do I submit a plan change?

2.Who is my contact at Choice Strategies?

3.Why are my employees receiving a request for documentation?

4.Why would a participant’s card be deactivated?

5.How do I fund my bank account?

6.How do I reconcile my bank account?

7.How do I get reports?

8.How do I get my invoice?

9.How do I enroll or terminate employees?

10.How long does it take for employees to receive cards?

11.Can employees access their accounts online?

12.What documentation is needed from members?

13.How long does it take to receive reimbursement?

14.Do employees receive new cards for each plan year?

15.Who else can carry a Choice Strategies card?

16.How do employee-funded accounts work?

17.Do employees have access to funds after they terminate?

18.Can employees use their cards during the run-out period?

19.How do I make an HSA deposit for my employees?

20.Where are my group's plan documents?

21.What is a claims data feed?

22.How do I add or change our contact information?

24.What is the claim run-out period?

25.Can I pay administrative fees by check?

26.What does "balance due" mean on my group's report?

27.What is an FSA "grace-period" and how does it work?

28.What is a rollover? And how is it different for each plan type?

29.What steps do I take for group renewal?

30.Will Choice Strategies notify me when an enrollment is completed?

31.What is the forfeiture balance?

32.How do I update my bank account information?

33. Can domestic partners participate in an HRA on a tax favorable basis?

34. Can members be reimbursed for medical expenses outside of the U.S.?

35. Can members be reimbursed for mileage to and from medical appointments?

36.What are the contribution limits for FSA, DCA, Parking and Transit Plans?