Choice Strategies Mobile App

Available for iOS (Apple) and Android-enabled smartphones and tablet computers, the Choice Strategies app can be downloaded for free from the respective app marketplaces on smartphones and tablets! 

Download the app for Android or iOS (Apple) devices and begin enjoying the convenient features!

  • Check Account Balances: current, previous & future accounts
  • View Recent Transactions
  • Submit Claims
  • Documentation requests will be posted directly in online accounts and on the mobile app  
  • Uploading an Explanation of Benefits (EOB), receipt or other supporting documentation is as easy as taking a picture with your phone! 


Submitting Claims

With the Choice Strategies Mobile App, you can submit claims in a snap. Just fill out the Add Claim screen and then select "Add Receipt." Upload your supporting documentation as a photo and you're ready to go!

Watch a video tutorial of the Choice Strategies Mobile App features.